Large Dog Pet Owners Reap Benefits of $5000 Grant


Merriam, KS – If you live close to Kansas City, get your calendars out and make an appointment to get your large dog spayed or neutered…for FREE, at No More Homeless Pets KC.  This rare opportunity was made possible by a $5000 grant given to the animal welfare organization.  It’s a dream come true for the non-profit agency, who’s goal is to end pet over-population through cooperative spay and neuter, humane education, and adoption programs.  The two catches to the grant are that it has to be spent by February 18, 2011, and the dogs must be owned and 40 pounds or more.

No More Homeless Pets KC’s executive vice president, Courtney Thomas, said, “There are times when even low-cost services are not financially feasible for some families.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer free spay and neuter services to families who want to do what is best for their pets but haven’t been able to afford it.”  $5000 will go a long way in the number of dogs that can be spayed or neutered.  “The nonprofit agency in Merriam could easily spay and neuter 100 dogs with $5,000,” said Thomas.

Although the agency already offers low-cost services, they are especially thrilled about this grant because of what it could mean for the community and the pet-overpopulation that already exists.  Courtney Thomas goes on to say, “Spaying and neutering animals is the single most influential factor to reducing the number of homeless pets in our community, eliminating shelter overcrowding and reducing pet overpopulation.  Shelters become extremely overburdened during spring and summer months, known as ‘puppy and kitten’ season.”

Consider the fact that in six short years one female dog and her offspring can be the source of 67,000 puppies.  As the numbers of pets who are not spayed or neutered continues to increase, communities become overrun with homeless pets.  In order to keep control over these numbers, and keep every pet in a good home, the recommendation is to “fix” them.  The fact that this is a relatively expensive procedure is one of the many reasons why so many pet owners have not spayed or neutered their pets.

No More Homeless Pets KS is dedicated and committed to the health and well being of your pet, and what better way to prove that than to provide large dog owners the opportunity to have their pet spayed or neutered for free.