Keep Dogs Safe, Cool, and Having Fun at the Beach


Dogs love going to the beach, running in the sand, playing in the waves, and of course, chasing after a frisbee, ball, and even the occasional kite. While it is fun for them and entertaining for us to watch, there are certain safety issues you need to know and ways to keep them safe and cool.

Just as humans become dehydrated in the heat, dogs are even more at risk. Be sure to provide plenty of water (not salt water) and even provide something fun like frozen dog treats!

Protect the Eyes
There’s a reason why humans wear sunglasses, especially when the sun is reflecting off the water. Dogs eyes need the same kind of protection that we do. There are a few products available on the market that will cover the eyes of dogs and remain in place, just like goggles for humans.

Beach Games
Provide plenty of things for dogs to play with on the beach, specifically toys that float!

Boat Safety
Dogs need to wear a floatation device while in a boat just like humans do, no matter the kind of boat. The safest place for the dog to be is in the middle of the boat and while in motion, be sure to hold on to them to reduce the risk of falling out.

Protect the Paws
Sand, broken glass, pebbles, rocks, hot pavement, and unforseen things on the bottom of the ocean all pose a possible threat to your dogs paws. Help keep them safe with a product meant specifically for dogs paws.

Dogs love going to the beach but it’s up to you to keep them safe, cool, and having fun.


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