How to Keep Pets Safe During a Hurricane


If you are one of the many who have pets and live in an area where the upcoming hurricane is going to impact your weekend, it is just as important to know what to do to keep them safe as it is for keeping your family safe.  Some families have dealt with treacherous weather in the past, already having a good knowledge of how to keep pets safe, but if you have never experienced a hurricane before, like many on the northern east coast, these tips and ways to prepare will help ensure that your pets remain calm, collected, and most importantly, free of harm.

Prepare Your Pets
Preparation really is key to making sure your pets get through a hurricane safely, starting with making sure your dogs and cats have the proper identification, JUST IN CASE he or she becomes lost.

  • Put the rabies tag and identification tag on your pets collar.
  • Make sure all vaccinations are up to date.  If they are not, try to schedule a quick appointment.
  • Take a current photo of your pets and put them in an area that will remain dry, along with contact information for their vet.
  • Make a sign with a description of the pet, the name and age, and place it in a window, just in case the pet does go missing.
  • Have a list of places that you can evacuate to that allows pets.

Keep Pets Safe at Home
If you will be riding out the storm at home, there are few things you can do to ensure the safety of your dogs and cats.

  • Dogs – Prepare an area where the dog will be safest, like in the basement or a room with few windows.  Make sure to have the following items: food and water bowl, blankets, dog’s bed and favorite toy, at least 3 days worth of food and water, medications, plastic bags for waste clean-up, harness, and the leash.
  • Cats – The same list applies, however, include extra litter (or newspaper to shred instead of litter), as well as a cat carrier to keep them from roaming into a dangerous area of the home.

If Evacuation is Necessary
If you reside in an area where evacuation is imminent, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to keep your pets safe.

  • Always bring your dogs and cats with you, never leave them at home, since you never know the duration or severity of the danger.
  • Pack an emergency evacuation kit in advance, consisting of bowls, food, water, treats, favorite toy, bed or blanket to sleep on, harness, leash, any medications or first aid, a photo of the pet, veterinarian contact information, garbage bags, towels, make sure the pet is wearing its collar with rabies tag and identification tag with up-to-date phone number to reach if lost.  If you have cats, make sure you pack the litter box and extra litter or shredded newspaper.

Always take every precaution when it comes to the safety of your pets, from being prepared in advance to knowing where to go in case of evacuation.  Our pets rely on us as their owners to keep them safe and calm.

If you have other tips or suggestions on how to keep pets safe during a hurricane, please leave a comment!


  1. Another precaution for pet’s ID is the micro chip. My Bichon’s have micro chip implants that identify my dogs with a special code. Collars and tags can come off and get lost. I highly recommend micro chips.

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