Top Dog Parks Located in the Western United States


One of the things most dogs love is being outside, playing, running, socializing, and just enjoying the wide open space.  With all of the dog parks across the United States, there is sure to be at least one within a close distance to you.  This article will focus on a few of the dog parks in the Western United States, providing dog owners with the perfect place to not only let your dog get some air and exercise, but where you may make some new friends as well!

Before we get into the list of dog parks, you should first brush up on your dog park etiquette, making sure you are aware of the do’s and don’ts of taking Fido out to socialize.


Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area, located in Seattle, is open from 4am to 11:30pm daily.  Features include off-leash, fenced, double-gated entry, poop bags, doggie drinking fountain, picnic tables, benches, kiosk for community notices, trash, parking, and restrooms.

Marymoor Park Off-Leash Area, located in Redmond, is open 8am to dusk.  This off-leash dog exercise area covers 40 acres, bigger than many neighborhood parks.  Dogs can run free in this area while under voice control.

Edmonds Off-Leash Area, located in Edmonds, is open 6am until dusk.  This is a premier off-leash area, managed by a non-profit group that supplies poop bags so please pick-up.  Water is available except during the winter months.  Other features include trash and outdoor port-o-potties.  The area is about 1 acre during normal tide.


Gabriel Park Dog Run, located in Portland, is open sunrise to sunset.  Features include off-leash, fenced, water for dogs and owners, poop bags, trees, benches, tables, restrooms, trash, lights, parking, and is wheelchair accessible.

North Clackamas Park, located in Milwaukie, is open 1/2 hour after sunrise to 1/2 hour before sunset.  Features include fenced, benches, handicap access, tables, poop-bags, trees, parking, trashcans, water, and shelter.  Very open space for dogs to run, a lot of park regulars, and running water for the dogs.

Big Sky Dog Park, located in Bend, is 3 acres of completely fenced area for your dog to be off-leash.  There are picnic tables and water for your dog.  You can walk your dog on a leash outside of the dog park in the 90 acre Big Sky Park with walking trails, ponds and landscaping.


Foster City Dog Playground, located in Foster City, is open from 6am to 10pm.  There is a synthetic surface upon which dogs can run.  Other features include a parking lot right next to the dog park, double entry gates that are located on either end of the park, separate small and big dog areas, plenty of benches and picnic tables, dog watering stations, human drinking fountains, lots of community tennis balls and toys, bulletin board, garbage cans, poop bags, and lighting.

Basin AH1 Dog Park, located in Fresno, is a seasonal dog park which offers a wading pool for dogs to use during the summer.  The park is open from May through November from 7am to 10pm daily.


Desert Breeze Dog Park, located in Las Vegas, is a 3-acre off-leash park.  Features include fenced, benches, poop bags, palm trees, parking, phones, lights, restrooms, trash, water for dogs, and gazebos allow overheated owners respite from the sun.

Rancho San Rafael, located in Reno, is fenced and includes tables, benches, handicap access, poop-bags, trees, water, parking, restrooms, trashcans, shelter.  It has open fields for kite flying and lots of running room with a creek to play in.  Complete with walking, jogging, and biking path all around it.


Humane Society Dogpark and Training Field, located in Tuscon, is open 5am to 9am and 5pm to 9pm.  The area is fenced, with benches, trees, parking, restrooms, water, trash, lighted areas, tables, and is handicap accessible.

Shawnee Bark Park, located in Chandler, is open daily from 6am to 10:30pm, but is closed on Tuesday’s from 6am to 2:30pm for cleaning.  The park includes full water use for animals and humans, a full obstacle course, and a fenced area for your dogs to run wild.  No children under the age of 12 allowed in park without adult supervision.

Bark Master Park, located in Flagstaff, is 1.5 acres enclosed by a six-foot fence, where dogs can run and play off leash and learn social skills.  There is a separate area for older, smaller or shy dogs.


Burke Park, located in Bozeman, is a park where dogs are allowed off-leash under voice control.  Other features include trails for walking and running as well as great views of Bozeman.

Jacob’s Island Park Dog Park, located in Missoula, is a six acre fenced off-leash area that includes a double-gate.


Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park, located in Aurora, is fenced with parking, water, trash cans, and it’s free!

East Boulder Park, located in Boulder, is a three acre dog park that has separate fenced areas for small and large dogs.  There is limited water access to a small lake.  The city warns to be careful as water quality can vary.  People need to pick up after their pets, especially near the water because of water quality issues.

New Mexico:

Rainbow Dog Park, located in Rio Rancho, is a fenced dog park that has water for dogs and people and has limited shade.  It can get extremely hot here in the summer.  There is a separate small dog area.


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