First Ever Anti-Bacterial Paw Spritz for Dogs


The first ever anti-bacterial paw spray that drastically cuts down on the amount of germs and bacteria on dogs’ paws is now available online and through retailers across the nation, thanks to Dirty Dog. Dirty Dog Paw Spritz is the answer to a problem that so many dog lovers face each year.

“Over 200,000 people are affected each year with the stomach flu, by a bacterial infection called campylobacter, found on dogs,” according to Lisa Conti, a veterinarian and Director of Health at the Florida Department Of Health. According to a blog post on Oprah’s Blog, “Another easily transmitted bacterium is salmonella, which causes diarrhea and fever in humans. The bugs get around thanks to the typical canine meet-and-greet sniffing, and an innocent kiss can pass it to you.”

There are over 78 million dog owners in America, many of whom sleep with their dogs and allow them around small children. They need protection and can now have it with Dirty Dog Paw Spritz.  The anti-bacterial spray protects against the dirt, germs, urine and feces that can be tracked into the bed and the home.

Although there are many products for dogs on the market there was nothing like this, that just takes a few seconds to use, and cuts down drastically on the amount of germs and bacteria that are on dogs paws.  The best part?  Only natural, holistic ingredients are used in Dirty Dog Paw Spritz to make sure it is 100% safe!