Crickets Raised For Pet-Reptile Food Face Lethal Virus

A paralyzing virus is sweeping through cricket farms in the United States and Canade, killing over 100 million crickets and jeopardizing the businesses of cricket farmers in North America. First appearing in Europe in 2002, the virus has made its way to the United States and is devastating cricket farms dedicated to providing a food source to pet reptile owners and zoos around the country.

‘Angry Cats’ Among Reasons For Decline In Vet Visits, Bayer Study Reveals

SHAWNEE, Kan. - Bayer Animal Health, in partnership with Brakke Consulting and the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI), released the details of...

Cat Summoned to Jury Duty in Boston

BOSTON, Ma.   - Bizarre but true, a cat has been summoned to jury duty by Suffolk Superior Crown Court in Boston, Ma, after being listed as...

Australian Shepherd Receives Official Commendation

New York, NY - New Hampshire Governor John Lynch presented an Official Commendation to AKC/Eukanuba National Champion and New Hampshire's Top Dog, Australian Shepherd...

Staggering: Only 11% Of Pet Owners Consider Age When Buying Pet Food

Mason, Oh - A study commissioned by Iams® has revealed that only one in 10 Americans consider the age of their pet when selecting...

Betty White Judges Happy Healthy Cat Campaign Photo Contest

Denver, Co. - After hundreds of adorable, hilarious, and outrageous submissions to the Happy Healthy Cat Campaign Photo Contest, the Morris Animal Foundation sent...

Research Says Sleeping With Pets Carries Risks

A report published in the CDC journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, concludes that sleeping with your pets and letting them lick your face can be dangerous.  The...

Many Australians Find Pets Alive After Lockyer Valley Floods

Grantham, Aus - After several days of gruesome finds left by the raging floodwaters of the Lockyer Valley there is good news as many...

“Secretive” Species of Lizard Found in the Philippines

Philippines - While we don't expect to see any reptile enthusiasts bringing these into the United States (we hope), reptile watchers will be excited...

Black Labrador Retrievers Aid In Wildlife Preservation

Three Forks, MT - Wildlife biologists have found a new use for the talented detection dogs by using the very thing that makes them...