Top 18 Most Unique Dog Names


One of the most fun parts about bringing a puppy home to be the newest member of the family is deciding what its name should be.  Do you choose something classy or funny?  Do you want your dog to have a name unlike any other?  Do you go with a run of the mill name that easy for your toddler to pronounce or maybe you are naming it after a place you visited?  There are literally millions of names you can choose for your dog, but some are definitely more unique than others.

Top 18 Most Unique Dog Names

18. Pistachio

17. Brazil

16. Station

15. Abogato

14. Bandi

13. Miami

12. Killian

11. Griffey

10. Odysseus

9. Haze

8. Gemma

7. Kashmir

6. Clover

5. Elixir

4. Vienna

3. Majic

2. Kaizzic

1. Arabellum


  1. I have 2 chiuauas , one is named Kosher Dill, he only has one testicile, keeping on the pickle theme we named the other floppy gherkin. Her ears were hanging down when we got her at 8 week. She was floppy but we had to keep the pickle theme going so we added gherkin, realizing the problem later. Now she is fg.So now we have kosher dill and floppy gherkin as our loved family pets.

    • You just made my day Jerome! That’s the best story of naming dogs I’ve ever heard!

  2. My son is half japanese, and so when we adopted his dog, the shelter had named him bernie. ( A rednose named Bernie, LOL) my son wanted to honor his heritage, so he decided to name him Hirohito. then he decided as his uncle had died during the war, it might be bad, he would name him Hiroshima, which ended the war, but I told him Hirohito means Abundant benevolence ( asked his grandma) and that was a great name for a pittie

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