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shock collar

Are electric shock collars helpful, harmful or useless for dog training?

Whether we subscribe to them or not, I’m sure we all have some sort of reaction to electric/shock collars. Many of us see them...
global fear in dogs

Help! My Dog’s Afraid of Everything. Global Fear in Dogs and What to do?

A lot of dogs are afraid of something. Just like you may be afraid of heights, snakes, or your Aunt Bertha’s cheek-pinching ways, dogs...

Pudsey, Britain’s Beloved Dancing Dog

Pudsey was just getting started when he and owner Ashleigh Butler, 17, won 2012`s Britain`s Got Talent show. Their audition for Britain’s Got Talent...
running with your dog

Running With Your Dog – Races and Tips

There are so many benefits to running with your dog. First, it’s healthy for both of you. Second, it’s a sure fire way to...
keeping your baby safe around dogs

Tips for Keeping your Baby Safe Around Dogs

Most dog lovers would never dream of giving their beloved pup to someone else, but these feelings can change quickly when there is a...
dog park

Proper Dog Park Etiquette for You and Your Dog

For those of us in the know – dog parks can be a fantastic place to spend some time with your dog. For those...
dog training

Negative Reinforcement: A Necessary Evil in Dog Training?

Training your dog can be one of the biggest challenges you will face as a dog owner. A well trained dog can be a...
water dogs

How Can You Turn Your Dog Into a Water Dog?

It’s one of the biggest fears any dog owner has: their dog will be afraid of water, or will refuse to dip his paws...
cadaver dog

Fire Chief Uses a Corpse to Train a Cadaver Dog, Without Permission

Would you want your loved one’s remains to be used to train cadaver dogs? This story takes the term “organ donor” to an entirely new...
dog psychology

Dog Psychology: Is It Real?

Dog psychology is a relatively new field that has many supporters and just as many who feel it is a fraud. The American Psychological...