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Unique Ways Animals Rest and Sleep

Just like humans, animals need to get a few good hours of sleep in order to function at their best, but the ways in...
global fear in dogs

Help! My Dog’s Afraid of Everything. Global Fear in Dogs and What to do?

A lot of dogs are afraid of something. Just like you may be afraid of heights, snakes, or your Aunt Bertha’s cheek-pinching ways, dogs...
boston terrier

Breed Basics: Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is the American gentleman of toy breeds. He is one of the few purebreds developed in the United States. Bred down from...
cadaver dog

Fire Chief Uses a Corpse to Train a Cadaver Dog, Without Permission

Would you want your loved one’s remains to be used to train cadaver dogs? This story takes the term “organ donor” to an entirely new...
running with your dog

Running With Your Dog – Races and Tips

There are so many benefits to running with your dog. First, it’s healthy for both of you. Second, it’s a sure fire way to...

Things to Consider Before Getting a Real Easter Bunny

No one can deny how adorable a bunny really is, especially a baby bunny. And there seems to be no better time than the...

How To Keep Your Dogs Off Your Furniture

There I was, at the furniture store, excited to buy a spanking-new couch for the first time since … well, ever, when a thought...
dog fighting

Dog Fighting vs. Dog Playing – What’s the Difference?

Getting the opportunity to let your dog play with a fellow canine is always a fun experience. Firstly, your dog is socializing, but secondly,...

How to Train Loud Pets

By talking to your pets and giving them the attention they crave, they'll be a lot more likely to talk back to you, barking...

The Complexity of Parrots: Keeping Them Happy and Friendly

That adorable baby bird you purchased at the store may be very sweet as a youngster but may turn into the equivalent of a...