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How to Train Loud Pets

By talking to your pets and giving them the attention they crave, they'll be a lot more likely to talk back to you, barking...
dog training

Negative Reinforcement: A Necessary Evil in Dog Training?

Training your dog can be one of the biggest challenges you will face as a dog owner. A well trained dog can be a...
keeping your baby safe around dogs

Tips for Keeping your Baby Safe Around Dogs

Most dog lovers would never dream of giving their beloved pup to someone else, but these feelings can change quickly when there is a...
dog scootering

Dog Scootering: What Is It and Is It Right for Your Dog?

Does your dog drag you down the street? Does it sometimes feel like your arm will be pulled out of the socket because he...

How To Treat Toy Aggression in Dogs

Toys are a great way for dogs to burn off energy and socialize. But they can be counterproductive if your dog doesn’t know how...

Why Dogs Respond So Well to Rewards

We take it for granted, don’t we? We just assume our dogs will do everything we ask them to, so long as we have...

Things to Consider Before Getting a Real Easter Bunny

No one can deny how adorable a bunny really is, especially a baby bunny. And there seems to be no better time than the...
pocket pets

The Perfect Pocket Pets for Kids

Children who grow up with pets develop a respect and love for animals that they carry into adulthood. Caring for another creature also teaches...

5 Ways to Challenge Your Dog’s Mind

Anyone who is a parent knows that a tired kid is a well-behaved kid. The same goes for dogs. Dogs who are mentally and...
running with your dog

Running With Your Dog – Races and Tips

There are so many benefits to running with your dog. First, it’s healthy for both of you. Second, it’s a sure fire way to...