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horseback riding

5 Tips for a Safe Horseback Riding Experience

Superman’s (Christopher Reeve) fall from grace - and a horse - helped bring to light the dangers of horseback riding, even for an experienced...

How To Train Your Dog To Walk Obediently

If you never taught a person how to speak or write, they wouldn’t be able to do either - certainly not at a socially...
agility training

Benefits of Agility Training for Your Dog

Training your dog is an important step in ensuring he'll be properly socialized and always willing to take commands and behave. But, in addition...
running with your dog

Running With Your Dog – Races and Tips

There are so many benefits to running with your dog. First, it’s healthy for both of you. Second, it’s a sure fire way to...
shock collar

Are electric shock collars helpful, harmful or useless for dog training?

Whether we subscribe to them or not, I’m sure we all have some sort of reaction to electric/shock collars. Many of us see them...
pocket pets

The Perfect Pocket Pets for Kids

Children who grow up with pets develop a respect and love for animals that they carry into adulthood. Caring for another creature also teaches...
global fear in dogs

Help! My Dog’s Afraid of Everything. Global Fear in Dogs and What to do?

A lot of dogs are afraid of something. Just like you may be afraid of heights, snakes, or your Aunt Bertha’s cheek-pinching ways, dogs...
dog sleeping in bed

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Not Sleep With You

I’ll preface this by saying I’m guilty as charged – or at least I was guilty of letting my dog sleep with me. I’m...

Animals That Mourn Their Dead

Sometimes we forget that despite our amazing and seemingly human-specific characteristics, we are, in fact, still animals. Which is why it shouldn’t be so...

The Complexity of Parrots: Keeping Them Happy and Friendly

That adorable baby bird you purchased at the store may be very sweet as a youngster but may turn into the equivalent of a...