Best Birds For Families With Children


When a family decides to introduce a new pet into the household, many decisions must be made when choosing that pet.  For families who have decided that birds are the way to go, there are a few species that are better suited to being around children.

The first on the list is the Parakeet, or sometimes known as a Budgie.  These birds are the ideal companion for a child, as they tolerate being handled quite well, are small and relatively easy to care for, and their most well know feature, they can learn to talk!  Parakeet’s have gentle personalities, and can bond quite strongly, and quickly, with their owners.  At around 8 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tail, Parakeet’s are among the smaller species of birds.  The average Parakeet lives between 5 and 9 years, although some have lived well into their teens.  They are playful birds that love to explore their surroundings, making themselves right at home.  Because Parakeets come in every color of the rainbow, even the most picky of children will find one they love.

Finches and Canaries make an especially good choice for very small children because because they are beautiful birds, fascinating to watch, and provide soothing “music” with their soft chirps and chatter.  Picture your little one being lulled into a nap just by the sounds of the bird.  Finches and Canaries prefer to stay in their cage, and require minimal handling, making them easy to care for pets.  If you decide on a Finch or a Canary, it is suggested that you double up, allowing them to keep each other company.

A well cared for Canary can live up to 10 years and are the smallest of the best birds to have in families with young children.  Most Canaries are timid and shy but enjoy watching and interacting with their owners from the comfort of their cage.  The most common color that comes to mind is yellow, but they can come in a variety of colors including bronze, white, and red.  If you decide that a Canary is the right bird for you, make sure to buy the largest cage possible for your pet.  Canaries must be allowed to fly to maintain their health and happiness, and a large flight cage provides the space and security that they need.

Another option you may consider is the Cockatiel, the largest of the best pet birds for children, at up to twelve inches from beak to tail.  Cockatiels require more attention and a bit more work than Finches, Canaries, or Parakeets, but make wonderful companions to older children who really have a desire to care for the pet.  These birds relish their time spent out of their cage, and can learn to talk, whistle, and do other tricks.

The Cockatiel species has the longest average lifespan of the birds mentioned, living between 10 and 20 years, and have been known to bond closely with their owners.  Their engaging personalities and high trainability have put them near the top of the list of the most popular pet bird species.

Choosing a species of bird for a family pet is just as important as deciding on a breed of dog or type of cat, the two most popular household pets across America.


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