I am a Cat and I Will Sleep Wherever I Want To


Cat lovers across America all have stories and pictures of their furry friends doing the weirdest, funniest things, the things that endear them to us.  This collection of photos is sure to brighten your mood, as you can’t help but laugh!  Cats are among the lucky ones who can catch a snooze whenever they want, where ever they want, falling asleep in the strangest positions and places.  Take a look at these all to spoiled felines taking a break!

This cat found his way to probably the dirtiest part in the room…the flower pot!  I wonder where he tracked the dirt when he woke up…

This napping beauty must have just gotten back from a very long, tiring walk.  He couldn’t even make it through the door!  Unless it’s just a very nice day outside…

This one is truly a classic!  How can that possibly be comfortable?

If you have to sleep outside, it’s always better to have a friend!  At least they have an equal amount of sleeping space!

If you don’t have a bed of your own, make one with whatever looks most comfortable…

Research indicates that pet owners are generally happier people, and these pictures are proof that pets can make you laugh, no matter what kind of day you’re having.


  1. Those pictures are so funny! That is so totally cat-like. I find mine in the strangest places too. I used to have a pic of mine sleeping upside down in an empty aquarium. It’s like when they’re ready to crash, anything goes!

  2. I’m glad you liked them! Cats truly are in a world of their own sometimes, I used to have a cat that would swing from the jeans I had on hangars in my closet! Thanks for posting a comment, we appreciate it!

  3. Too cute!! Thanks for sharing these :))) One of my cats likes to nap in the hood of my hoodies lol… Kitty hammock I guess 😉

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