Unique Holiday Gifts for Dogs and Cats

Photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert / Foter / CC BY
Photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert / Foter / CC BY

Want to make sure your cat or dog doesn’t feel left out Christmas morning? Don’t worry, All Pet News has you covered with some holiday gifts for dogs and cats.

Engraved Collar

Custom Dog Collars on Etsy

With a variety of colors, fonts, and sizes to choose from – these engraved collars found on Etsy are a great way to give your dog a personalized gift. Made with a lightweight metal/plastic hybrid buckle, it is perfect for both large and small breeds. And, bonus… The designer fabric the collars are made out of is washable, meaning your dog can still have all the fun he wants outside without ruining his new gift! A coordinating leash is sold separately.

$29.99, Etsy.com


Mini Pouncers

Cat Pouncers

Support your cat’s natural instincts by picking up some of these wool mice, hand crafted from Mongolia. They are made with 100% natural sheep’s wool and come in an assortment of colors using natural vegetable dyes. They can be easily hidden, and with their natural lanolin scent your cat will have hours of fun hunting his“prey!”

$6.99, HonestPetProducts.com


Deer Antlers

Deer Antlers for Dogs

If you haven’t already made the switch from rawhide or animal bones to deer antlers, start by giving this gift to your pup! These antlers are natural, healthy, odor-free and long-lasting chew toys that will keep your dog busy for months. These specific antlers come from deer in North America who have shed their old antlers, and they are completely unprocessed. In fact, they are rich in nutrients that are beneficial to dogs. Antlers are also much less likely to chip or splinter like poultry or other animal bones do. A dog’s chewing grinds the antler down very slowly, which is a plus because it means less of a mess for you to clean as well as a longer lasting toy for your dog to enjoy. This gift is reasonably priced, especially considering how long it will last, and comes in many sizes, assuring that there is one for every breed of dog.

$2.99-$24.75, Amazon.com


Holiday Costumes

Christmas Dog Costume

Include your pets in all your holiday fun by making sure they look the part. A festive hat, sweater, or maybe even a whole Santa costume are all fun and easy ways to add some festivity to the holidays. The cute photos you will have as a result will last forever and are priceless!


Pet Bed

Economical Dog Bed

Having a comfortable bed is something your cat or dog is sure to enjoy, and it can’t hurt to find a stylish one that will look great in your home too. This bed has a trendy tufted headboard look all around the bed and a bottom made with faux-fur. Your cat or dog will likely be spending much more time relaxing in bed if you get them this gift!

$19.99, Target.com