Benefits of Adopting Senior Cats


Senior cats are often overlooked when people are searching for a new addition to the family, but why?  Mainly because the general thinking is that older cats are already set in their ways and may not be best suited to a new environment, especially if there will be children.  What most people don’t think about are the many benefits there are to adopting a senior cat.

Thanks to one of our devoted readers who submitted this information, we are able to tell you about the many benefits of adopting a senior cat.  Of the 5 to 7 million shelter pets across the country, older cats are commonly passed over for kittens.

Senior cats deserve proper nutrition and a loving home during their golden years.  Today Show pet contributor and Animal Fair editor-in-chief Wendy Diamond has partnered with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to discuss the benefits of adopting a senior cat and tips to ensure they are living a healthy and happy life:

Benefits of Adopting a Senior Cat

  1. They are mellower and less frantic
  2. They are housetrained
  3. They learn more quickly than kittens
  4. They are past the “destructive” stage

Tips to Provide a Healthy Life to a Senior Cat

1. Keep their minds active by incorporating problem solving and exploration into their lives.

2. Make grooming a habit.  This stimulates natural oils that protect against cuts and scratches.

3. Provide the proper nutrition.  Senior cats have delicate digestive systems.  Feed your senior cat Hill’s Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying Cat Food – which is specifically formulated with nutrients that will help them become more active, agile and engaged in just 30 days.

4. Never miss a vet visit; especially if your senior cat begins to exhibit odd or strange behaviors.

5. Increase your older cat’s agility with ramps to stimulate healthy musculature without putting too much pressure on their paws.

There are many senior cats in shelters across the country that are waiting to be adopted and in celebration of Adopt a Senior Pet Month this coming November, you’ll find many senior cats just waiting for you to give them a new home!