A Vet’s Opinion About Pet Health Insurance


The idea of paying for pet health insurance can seem to some like a waste of money, or even just a way get you to spend even more money in the pet industry.  But for just as many others, pet health insurance is something they won’t leave the house without.  Many pet owners have heard about pet health insurance, but don’t know enough about it to make a decision either way.  When is it right for my pet?  How do I know what’s covered?  How much does it cost?  These are all questions that keep the debate on pet health insurance going strong.  Why not see what the vet’s have to say about the topic and find out if it’s truly worth it?

According to DVM Newsmagazine State of the Profession market research study conducted in 2006, 76% of responding veterinarians reported that they would like to see greater use of pet health insurance by clients, especially for dogs and cats, and 56% of respondents actively promote pet health insurance to their clients.  Although these study results show mainly favorable towards pet health insurance, a portion of the respondents do indicate that cost limited their treatment options 23% of the time, and in 14% of cases, treatment was denied altogether due to financial constraints.

Over the last decade, veterinary medicine has grown in leaps and bounds, not much different than the growth rate of human medicine technology.  Due to the additional sophistication level, the costs have also risen, making some treatments almost impossible for so many.  Because pet health insurance is generally affordable, veterinarians are in favor of pet owners having it because it could mean the difference between the pet being able to utilize a treatment option.

Pet health insurance can help relieve the financial burden on a pet owner and allow them access to the best care available.  Overall, peace of mind is a valuable thing when it comes to your pet.


  1. Good article. It’s great to see more people coming around to the idea of pet insurance. I work for a pet insurance company called Pets Best Insurance http://www.petsbest.com, and I also have my dog insured with the company. Since it only costs less than about $1.00 a day, there’s no reason NOT to have it. I rest easy knowing my dog will be covered if she comes down with a sudden illness or injures herself. Pets Best Insurance pays 80% of the actual invoice– versus other companies that pay fixed amounts dictated by their benefit schedules. If you love your pet anywhere close to as much as I do, you owe it to yourself to research pet insurance. 🙂 It could mean the difference between your pets’ life or death.

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