Ways to Keep Outdoor Cats Warm in the Winter


If you are located in an area that experiences cold winters, finding ways to keep your outdoor cats warm can be a challenge.  Despite the sometimes thick fur coat that most domestic cats have, they get cold outdoors just like humans do.  Here are a few ways you can help to keep them as warm as possible when it’s not feasible to allow them to come indoors.

1. Create a Place to Sleep
When creating a place for your outdoor cat to sleep during the cold winter days and nights, make it just big enough for the cat, not allowing space for other outside critters to move in.  You’ll want to put a warm blanket in the space, preferably under a deck, porch, or other sheltered area.  One area we recommend is near a dryer vent, allowing for warm air to collect in the cat’s shelter.  If you have multiple areas where you can create a place to sleep for your outdoor cat, go ahead and do so.

2. Provide a Covered “House”
If you don’t have an area where you can create a safe place for the outdoor cat to sleep and hide out when it’s cold, you can purchase a “house” from a pet store that you can simply place outdoors with a blanket inside.  Some can be rather extravagant, even providing a door they can go through!

3. Provide Food
Although you may think that outdoor cats will be able to fend for themselves and hunt for their own food, that may not be the case during the cold winters.  Some cats may not have the urge to hunt, which causes them to lose some of their body fat, which is what helps to keep them insulated and warmer.  Make sure to provide water as well, as cats can still become dehydrated in the winter.  Remember to re-fill the water bowl often, as it will freeze!

4. If Budget Allows, Provide Heated Blankets
Depending on the budget you are working with for your outdoor cat, they will certainly appreciate anything extra you can do to provide them with warmth.  Most pet stores have a variety of items that can be purchased for just this reason, like heated blankets, heated bowls (to keep their water from freezing), and even cat friendly space heaters!

Do right by your outdoor cat and allow them to be as warm and comfortable as possible during even the coldest of winter days and nights!  If you have other suggestions, leave a comment!


  1. My indoor kitty is 11 years old.She is a tortoiseshell, with colors of brown,gold,tan and some black.She disappeared from our front porch,and we have just found her,after7 long months.There is no doubt about her being the same kitty ,but we noticed right away that the fur on her nose and above it have turned almost blacj,where tbey used to be much lighter.Is there any reason that this might happen,as a result of her being outside all of this time? At first,we were concerned that she wasnt our cat,but after bringing her home and being with her full time,there is no doubt.Just wondered if anyone knows of a reason for this,or has seen it in the past,too.Thank you so much.

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