Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Accident Free This Spring


Spring has sprung – flowers are blooming, daylight lasts longer and we’re anxious to get out and enjoy the weather.  But what does this mean for our furry family member?  Yes, more time rolling around outside and drinking out of hoses, but it also means fleas, ticks, allergies, and more potential for cuts, scrapes, and injuries.

Stephen Ebbett, president of, a new U.S. insurance brand offering hassle-free and affordable coverage for pets, has some general tips on how to keep your pet healthy and accident free this spring:

1. To prevent fleas and ticks, bathe your dog regularly with flea and tick shampoo and consider purchasing a flea collar for extra preventative measures.  Talk to your vet for the best topical treatments for dogs and cats, and be sure to check regularly for ticks and fleas during this season.

2. Schedule a routine seasonal check-up with a licensed veterinarian to get specific allergy medicines and/or treatments.

3. When taking your dog on a walk or hike, make sure they are on a leash and don’t let them stray to dangerous areas or eat any flowers or plants.  Along those lines, you should make sure they are well fed and hydrated before you take them out.

And lastly, if you own a dog or cat, consider investing in pet insurance to avoid paying full price for medicine and treatments. provides pet health insurance for as low as $1 per day.  Although 66% of households have pets, only 1% of pet owners invest in insurance – this shows a severe lack of education about pet insurance.

More about coverage:
– pet insurance provides up to 90% reimbursement for vet fees.
– The pet insurance allows owners to visit any licensed vet in the country.
– Coverage options offer flexible payment terms and a $100 annual deductible.
– Multiple policy options allow consumers to select the best plan to care for their furry family member.
– Pets with pre-existing conditions and/or over the age of 12 (dogs) and 14 (cats) can still qualify for the Safety Plan which offers protection against accidental conditions.
– A 10% discount is available for multiple pets.
– Insect stings and poison ivy are covered under all plans, while non pre-existing allergies are covered 30 days after the start of your plan.