Tips to Choose a Responsible Cat Breeder


Breeding cats is more than just putting two cats together and letting them follow their mating instincts.  It involves a certain degree of patience, responsibility, care and effort that only the best choices in breeders will achieve.  Breeding cats involves actual scientific and systematic ideas and also involves an emotional aspect; a cat breeder’s fulfillment does not come from the money they make, it comes from the accomplishment of mating two cats to produce offspring.  The best of breeder’s have one main goal in mind – to safeguard the welfare of the cats.

Characteristics of a Responsible Cat Breeder

  • Preservation or improvement of a cat pedigree is of utter importance –

Making the difficult choice of the parent cats is done on the basis of health, high quality traits, and reproducing capability.  A truly responsible breeder will in no way pair cats carelessly.

  • Being the most up-to-date on the latest news and information about cat breeding –

The welfare of the cats, both parents and offspring, depends on how much the breeder knows and has practiced in the past.  The newest researches need to be employed to correctly select the cats to be bred in order to produce the appropriate offspring.

  • The time it takes to select the cats and conduct the breeding –

If you were to approach a cat breeder and he or she tells you the process of selecting the parents is simple and should take no time at all, you may want to consider a different breeder.  A responsible breeder will take the appropriate amount of time, making the necessary plans to achieve the proper outcome.

  • Adhering to government guidelines –

The government imposes certain guidelines to ensure that cat breeding is not abused and is done properly.  Breeders are obligated to register their cats to their respective breeds.  In addition, there are certain taxes imposed, as breeding is a business.

  • A breeder’s primary concern is the welfare of the cats, not the money –

There can be a substantial amount of money to be made in the process of breeding pedigree cats, but that should not be the first concern of a responsible breeder.  A responsible breeder will relish in the development of the kittens, and should be apparent to you, the customer.

When choosing a cat breeder to provide you or your family with a pedigree cat, it is important for you to ask many questions and to ensure that the breeder you choose will have the best interest of the cats as his first priority.


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