The Best Way for Your Dog to be Social ~ Dogbook


With almost one million monthly users to date, Dogbook has become one of the most popular ways for dogs and their owners to interact with other dog owners and their furry friends.  The application, available through Facebook, is sort of like a virtual dog park, without the barking and necessary clean up!  Dogbook allows you to create a profile for your dog, tag your dog in photos, find dogs in your area, ask questions about dog ownership, and so much more.

A father-son duo originally came up with the idea for Dogbook, with a purpose of having the ability to keep all of the happy memories they create in our lives in one place.  Its companion application, Catbook, offers the same benefits and fun, only its an entire world of cats and cat owners!  Father, Geoffrey Roche, of Toronto and son Alexandre wanted to create a place where pet owners could join a community of other people who truly love their dog or cat.  “I had noticed on my son’s Facebook that friends of ours had posted pictures of a dog as if it was a person, and I thought that was kind of interesting,” said Roche.

Any Facebook user can use the Catbook and Dogbook applications to make a profile for a pet.  Profiles can include a primary photo with room for additional photos, as well as including the breed, sex, age, hometown, activities and favorite treats, much like a human’s Facebook profile.  Pets can ask other pets to be “friends”, with the request needing to be approved like Facebook friend requests.

Geoffrey and Alexandre never expected the applications to become so popular, but its really no surprise with the number of pet lovers in the world.  To have a place to post photos of your pet where other pet lovers will appreciate them, comment on them, and show love to your pet, the applications are sure to continue growing and adding features, just like human Facebook profiles do.

Does your pet already have a profile on Dogbook or Catbook?


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