Pets Able to Get Vaccines at Walgreens


The idea to provide pet vaccines, like rabies shots, at local pharmacies like Walgreens and pet stores came from the convenience of humans being able to get a flu shot at another location besides your doctor’s office.  Certain locations in South Florida are happy to let mobile animal care clinics run by the Pet Stop provide the convenience of getting your pets vaccinated.

The Pet Stop was founded in Miami about a year ago by Tina Zambrana, with the intention of making it convenient for pet owners to get their flu shot and their pets vaccinated at the same time.  Convenience is the major factor here.  “We make it clear we are not here to replace the customer’s primary veterinarian.  It’s like going to Walgreens for your flu shot,” Zambrana said.  “It’s just easier than having to go to the doctor’s office and wait.”

Choosing to have your pets vaccinated at one of the mobile pet clinics is often cheaper than going to your vet’s office simply because you are not also charged an office visit fee.  The three teams, each headed by a licensed veterinarian, dispense most vaccines and booster shots for dogs and cats, as well as deworming and heartworm tests.  Clients can also buy heartworm and flea control products at the clinics, and refill orders online.

Pet Stop’s South Florida program, which operates from Boca Raton through the Florida Keys, is the only one of its kind nationwide for Walgreens, said spokeswoman Vivika Vergara.  The Pet Stop visits about 185 pharmacies in South Florida, some more frequently than others.

“Here at The Pet Stop we know the most effective and least expensive way to maintain your pet’s health is to ensure you and your pet receive top-quality veterinary care at a price that fits into your budget.  Specializing in dog and cat vaccines, our state licensed veterinarians service thousands of pets each year.  Conveniently held on weekends, The Pet Stop mobile pet clinics can be found in neighborhood pet stores and local pharmacies all over South Florida.  We specialize in vaccines and have partnered with the most trusted names in the industry to provide these services for your pets at an affordable price and convenient times to you.”


  1. When will your team Springs Florida store so we can get our pets up to date on their shots?
    Thank you

  2. When will you be in Melbourne, Fl? Also, is it a problem having my dog vaccinated early as his vaccinations are due the end of May?

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