Pamper Your Dog In Style


If dogs could talk, one of the things they would surely say is, “I would love to be pampered and go to the spa, just like you do”!  Just as humans benefit from the relaxation a day at the spa and a little pampering will bring you, dogs can benefit too.  It may not be obvious, but dogs undergo certain stresses that could be tamed with a little help from luxury grooming products and unique attention!  There are also a variety of ailments that plague dogs that can be helped with items from this natural product line like skin allergies, an assortment of skin problems, itchy dry skin and paws, scabs, and sores.

Warren London was created to be the top luxury natural dog spa and grooming line to dog owners, spa and grooming salons, veterinarians as well as retail stores around the world.  The belief at Warren London is that “Every dog deserves a spa day!”  They hold that statement true as their products are all show dog quality and great for pampering your pup.  Being dog owners and dog lovers themselves, they strongly believe in using only natural products that will keep your dog from unnecessary chemicals that many companies use, which are not regulated in this industry.  Your dog deserves only the best and Warren London will keep your dog smiling for many years to come.

The luxury spa and natural grooming products offered by Warren London range from shampoo, fur treatments, paw scrubs, and odor solutions, to the brand new Pawdicure Polish Pens (in other words, dog nail polish)!  The polish comes in 5 different colors including pink, red, blue, white and purple.  These Nail Polish Pens apply a quick drying, non-toxic, coat of polish that is easy to remove.  Only one layer application is necessarily for that great look for your pampered pup.  On dark nails, they suggest doing a base coat of white first and then a color for better results.

Dawn Omboy-The Queen of Color, a well known Creative Styling Artist uses the Nail Polish Pens and absolutely recommends them to others who want to give their dog a little style!  “I have the pens and really love them.  They are so easy to use and there is no brush to get glopy like other similar products with brush applicator ends.  I am happy to have them in my box of styling accessories for my everyday clients and they are great for adding color to nails of long hair dogs without worry of polish getting stuck in the hair and making a big mess.”  Omboy uses them for a variety of looks including polka dots, stripes and even a French pawdicure!

The luxury dog spa and grooming products offered by Warren London provide the perfect way to pamper your furry friend, as well as relieve certain skin and fur ailments, all while remaining chemical free.  Natural ingredients have been collected from around the world to create the products that seem to work miracles for dogs all over!


  1. I have used Warren London products and they are great!!! I can’t wait to get my nail polish pens that I just ordered to give me French Bulldog a French Pawdicure!

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