New dog website provides forum for question and answers


dog websiteScouring the depths of the internet searching for an answer to a specific question can take a frustratingly long time, but those with dog-related inquiries may be in luck. DogHQ is a new dog website that hopes to provide users with a place to ask anything they want about their four-legged companion.

“Unlike the forums where you need to go through all the pages to find the right answer you’re looking for, DogHQ is questions and answer site,” according to the website’s about page. “The DogHQ user vote for the best questions and answers so you can easily find the best information.”

While it has only been up for a few weeks, the site already boasts dozens of registered users and hundreds of visitors a day. DogHQ implements a point-based peer review system that gives moderating power to users that provide quality answers.

Questions and Answers on DogHQ

After registering for the site, you can post a question for the entire community to view. Users can ask just about any dog questions they have, from health to breed history. One of the big rules is that questions and responses should not be argumentative or based on purely subjectivity, according to the site’s FAQ. Of course, questions that aren’t relevant to dogs aren’t appropriate for the site.

Users are encouraged to search for their question on the site before asking, in case someone had the same questions before. If there is no answer to be found, you can click “Ask Your Question” and post your inquiry. You can also answer other people’s questions if you have experience or knowledge on the subject.

A few of the most recent questions include: “How to crate train a puppy?” and “How to find a dog friendly hotel?”

DogHQ’s Karma System

DogHQ’s question and answer system runs on Karma. You generate karma as other users “upvote” your questions and answers. You can lose points by giving incomplete or misleading responses. Essentially, other users give you points if they think you posted a good question or gave an accurate and detailed response.

“Each vote in favor will generate 10 points, each vote against will subtract 10 points,” according to the site. “There is a limit of 200 points that can be accumulated for a question or answer per day.”

Karma allows you to act as a moderator by expending points. Upvoting someone else costs 5 karma, downvoting costs 50 and deleting a comment or answer costs 200. There are quite a few moderation functions available to those with enough points to do them. Since the system rewards active, knowledgeable and helpful users, there are plenty of great answers to some of the questions posted so far.

“Many DogHQ users giving an advice are professional dog trainers, veterinarians and breeders so you can fully trust their opinions,” according to the site. “However we highly recommend to consult your local specialists if you need an important health or behavior issues.”