Let’s Make It A “No Pets For Gifts” Holiday Season


Lake Charles, LA – It’s that time of year again when families contemplate the idea of purchasing a family pet as a holiday gift for a child or the entire family. While the thought is based in good will, the reality is that it continues to aggravate the problem of overcrowding at pet rescues and pet shelters.

A thoughtful alternative for a young family member who may not have the maturity or responsibility to care for a new pet is to arrange for them to assemble and create a gift basket for a local animal shelter. This gift basket could include blankets, towels, toys, treats, and pet food as the shelter may need.

In the process of creating the gift basket this future pet owner will learn about the plight of animals shelters and all the things that are needed to take care of a pet. It’s a wonderful exercise in developing a commitment towards providing the right kind of home for a pet in the future.

Assistant Director Tiffany Gardner, of the Calcasieu Parish Animal Services and Adoption Center located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, points out that pet returns to shelters are far less frequent when families are not under any pressure or impulse to buy a pet as a gift. Often times they are unsure of the “right” pet and this can create problems which end up in returns. Gardner recommends gift cards to the pet shelter, which allow families to purchase when the time is right.

The holiday season is a wonderful time for giving gifts, so we should all make sure that we are as thoughtful to the pets as we are to our families.