Improve Your Older Dog’s Life With These Tips


As your dog get older, things happen inside of his body that can cause pain, discomfort, and potty troubles just to name a few.  Just as in humans, an aging body needs extra TLC to make getting older less painful and more enjoyable.

There are things you can do as a pet owner to ensure that your aging or senior dog is happy and healthy.

1. Keep regular vet visits on your schedule and make sure your dog has up-to-date vaccinations.

2. Exercise is key for older dogs.  Make sure that a walk or even a few trips up and down the stairs are part of their everyday routine.

3. Purchase products specifically designed for the aging or senior dog.

4. Make sure you are feeding your aging dog food that is appropriate for his age and health.

5. Joint supplements can make a significant difference in an older dogs comfort when moving around.

6. Fish Oil is essential to keeping a dogs heart healthy, just as in humans.

7. Provide a soft bed for an older dog as opposed to letting him sleep on a hardwood floor.  The more comfortable the better!

8. If your senior dog sleeps in bed with you, provide an alternative to jumping up into the bed.  A ramp or doggie steps will be better on his joints.

9. Teach your dog a new trick to keep his aging mind as active as you’re keeping his body.

10. If looking for a companion for your older dog, opt for a pet around his same age.

11. As dogs age, they will need to relieve themselves more often.  Make sure you give them frequent potty breaks!

12. Older dogs can become more anxious, especially when you’re not at home.  Leaving a favorite toy or blanket with them can help alleviate some of those anxious feelings.


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