Homes for the Holidays with Reduced Adoption Fees from SPCA Florida


LAKELAND, Fla., Nov. 20, 2012 – SPCA Florida is offering discounted adoption fees through the end of the year to make sure every dog and cat finds a home this holiday season. Cat adoption fees are reduced from $55 to $10, and if a family selects two felines, the second adoption fee will be waived. Fees for large dogs, 40 pounds and up, are $50 reduced from an average of $100 — and fees for small dogs, 39 pounds and under, are $100 — reduced from an average of $200.

Prior to adoption SPCA Florida invests approximately $254 per cat and $315 per dog for medical examinations, vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery, microchip, flea and heartworm preventative.

In the spirit of the holidays SPCA Florida will send every animal home with a gift bag of toys. Adopters may preview the large variety of dogs and cats of all ages and breeds online,, then visit them at 5850 Brannen Road South in Lakeland.

“Each week 20-to-30 adoptable dogs and cats are finding homes,” said Patt Glenn, SPCA Florida Director of Animal Care. “However, we are also experiencing increasing intake, sometimes 45 animals in one weekend.”

In addition to adoption specials and incentives, SPCA Florida offers programs to help keep pets in their homes such as dog training and veterinary care.

“By providing sick and injured animals affordable, and sometimes free, veterinary care we can help keep animals who have loving homes in those homes,” said CEO Sean Hawkins. “Enlisting community support and providing pet parents the resources they need – outside the shelter walls – addresses the needs of both animals and people, increasing compassion and decreasing the need for traditional shelter capacity,” Hawkins said.

About SPCA Florida

Founded in 1979, SPCA Florida is on track to serve 50,000 patients through the McClurg Animal Medical Center and provide direct care to more than 6,000 animals in Polk County this year through the Animal Adoption Center. Ani-Meals, which provides food and medical treatment for animals whose guardians are low-income, and the Guardian Angel Program, which provides medical treatment to animals in need, serve hundreds more animals yearly. SPCA Florida’s full-service McClurg Animal Medical Center provides affordable veterinary care including examinations, vaccinations, dental cleanings, and treatment for illness or injury, including life-saving surgery, seven days a week. Find out more about SPCA Florida or support us by visiting