Hank, The Newest Piglet to Become a Member of a Celebrity Family


When trying to decide what would make the best pet for either you or your family, I’ll bet your first thought is either a dog, cat, rabbit, or bird…not a pig.  Am I right?  Well, that’s not the case for some celebrities who have chosen to make the newest member of their families a pet pig, welcoming him or her with loving arms!  Tori Spelling has most recently made the news for her and her husband Dean McDermott adopting a micro-mini-piglet, not just into their household, but into their bed as well.  Other celebrities including George Clooney, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, and Elizabeth Hurley have also made piglets their pet of choice.

So what made Tori and Dean decide to adopt a pig as their next pet?  Well they didn’t just wake up one morning and decide, hey, a pig would be a nice addition to the family!  “We got Hank from a couple that were moving to a place that couldn’t have pets,” Spelling said of the 18-pound, 9-month-old micro mini piglet.  It seems like it was meant to be for the couple, as they plan to rescue many other animals one day.  “When we finally sell our house we plan to get a farm,” says Spelling.  “That’s why we are moving.  So yes, many more rescue animals in our future!”

Tori and Dean have other pets, as well as a pet chicken named Coco, so it is fitting that Hank ended up with them!  Hank the piglet is comfortable and pampered in the Spelling-McDermott household, spending his time relaxing in their bed of all places!  He fit right in since the moment they brought him home.  Spelling said, “Hank is super smart, he learned to use our doggy door within 20 minutes of getting him home.  He is curious yet very docile for his age.  He gets along really well with all the other animals and totally gets that Coco the chicken rules the roost!  No pun intended.”  “He’s a total ‘lap pig’ and insists on sleeping on the bed,” she adds.  “He’s really pampered and funny!”

Not everyone can own a pet pig, not only for health reasons, but many places require permits and have strict regulations against it.  Thankfully for the celebrities, they are able to overcome those obstacles and give these unique pets a wonderful home.


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