First-Ever-of-its-Kind, Reno Cat Convention Results

Stewie, Guinness Book of World Records Holder for the Longest Cat

Reno, NV – The results are in!  An astounding number of homeless felines were placed into loving homes as a result of the first-ever-of-its-kind All Things Cat Convention, held at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nevada on January 22, 2011.  The Nevada Humane Society is responsible for this event, placing 17 cats into adoption within the first three hours, and an overall 57 homeless pets made their way into the homes of welcoming new parents.

One such lucky cat is Bonnie, newest member of Casandra Burton’s household.  “I needed a cat that would be a little bit chunky, and want to just lie around and be a loving little cat.  And that’s exactly what I found here,” said Burton. “I got little Bonnie, and I’m thinking she’ll like it at home”.  She goes on to say, “It feels great.  I enjoy being able to [adopt like this] because like I said I love my animals.”  There are 56 other similar stories from the All Things Cat Convention, proving that a good cause will bring out the right people to give these innocent felines good homes.

The Nevada Humane Society was originally established to create a safe place for the growing number of stray felines in the Reno area, with programs and services designed to address the different needs of the strays.  Upon recognizing the over abundance of adult cats in their shelter for this particular time of year, the Humane Society developed the Cat Convention Event to help find suitable homes.

“We wanted to really call attention to the fact there are all these wonderful cats that need homes,” said Bonney Brown, Executive Director of the Nevada Humane Society .  “We thought it would be fun just to celebrate cats and what people really love about them”.  The event included Book Signing by Pickles cartoonist, Brian Crane, and a photo opportunity with Stewie, Guinness Book of World Records Holder for the Longest Cat.

“It’s a fun atmosphere”, Brown goes on to say, “We have lots of vendors, folks with all kinds of pet supplies, cat gifts, everything you could imagine that relates to kitty cats”.  The Cat Convention also included a pet psychic and tips on cat behavior and grooming.

Overall the Nevada Humane Society deems the All Things Cat Convention a success!