Cocker Spaniels Come With Pros AND Cons


The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of the Cocker Spaniel dog breed is Lady, the dog from the movie, Lady and the Tramp.  Capturing hearts all across the nation, the Cocker Spaniel does in fact have the traits associated with what is portrayed in the movie, including their loyalty, eagerness to play, and sweet nature.  Owning these types of dogs will come with all of these pros, as well as cons that any potential owner should be aware of.

The Cocker Spaniel has a variety of traits that make them a very popular breed to own, including their ability to adapt so well to different environments and people.  They are typically a sweet natured animal that is obedient, devoted, and friendly.  They do not bark excessively, which makes the Cocker Spaniel a suitable dog for those living in smaller spaces such as apartments.  Whether you are introducing this type of breed to a large family or the elderly, they fare well in either situation.  Considered a medium sized dog, the Cocker Spaniel is generally happy and aiming to please their owners.

Training your Cocker Spaniel needs to start from the first minute you bring them into your home, as they will quickly attempt to be the leader of the show!  The use of positive reinforcement rather than aggression will allow the dog to respond in the best (and quickest) way, especially because they can be stubborn.  If you are too aggressive in your training, a Cocker Spaniel will take that as its cue to lash out, being unsure if they are in danger.

Being with Children
While the Cocker Spaniel breed adapts well to a variety of people and environments, it is best to keep a close eye when there are children present.  They generally do well with children, although smaller children may be a little too rambunctious with the animal and could cause stress or injury to the dog unintentionally.  That stress could lead to these dogs becoming shy or even resorting to biting when feeling threatened.  Older children will find that the Cocker Spaniel makes the perfect playmate, as this breed loves to please!

Generally, Cocker Spaniels enjoy a long life of an average of 15 years, without some of the major health problems that other breeds are known for.  Ear infections and eye problems are the two most common health issues they are susceptible to, which will involve a little extra care from the owner to ward off possible infections.

This breed’s owner will have to provide a variety of things, including adequate exercise time, regular grooming, and an appropriate amount of playtime, as ignoring a Cocker Spaniel can lead to bad habits like chewing or other destructive behavior.  This dog needs its owner’s leadership in order to feel secure, so he should be aware of his place in the home from day one.

Cocker Spaniels are popular dogs to introduce into the home, regardless of the size of the family, due to their overall good nature and instinct to please.  Although there are a few cons about their ownership, the pros seem to outweigh them by far!


  1. I have owned 3 cocker Spaniels, and I have never had any of them show aggression at anyone, at anytime, they all have been the most gentle, loving dogs I have ever owned.They are Smart, and if you Start training early, they adapt quickly. I would love to see these dogs adopted into more homes, My heart and soul Sami is a rescue, I thank DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue for sending her to me each and every day!

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