16 Ways to Keep Pets Cool


The hottest months of the year can be a miserable time for your pets, especially cats and dogs, whether they are inside or outside pets.  Keeping them cool and comfortable is our responsibility as their owners, but it can be difficult to make sure they are in fact cool and comfortable!

One way to determine if heat stroke is on it’s way is to check their gums.  A dog’s gums will turn white, which means medical attention may be your next step.  Also check for an accelerated heart rate.

Here are 16 ways to keep cats and dogs cool:

1. Provide lots of water

2. Break out the sprinkler (cats may not appreciate this)!

3. Put ice cubes in a back pack made for pets.

4. Don’t let them in the sun for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

5. Never leave cats or dogs in a parked car.

6. Turn on the air conditioner in the room where they spend the most time.

7. Place a large fan out of their reach and turn it on full blast to keep the air circulating.

8. No matter how much they want to be outside, if you don’t have a way to keep them cool out there, leave them inside.

9. Exercise a little as possible.

10. Don’t cut their fur – their fur actually helps to protect from the sun.

11. Provide a shaded area for them to hang out.

12. Fill a baby pool with just enough water for them to lay their belly in.

13. No pool or sprinkler? Break out the hose and give the a good spray down.

14. Keep curtains and window shades closed if pets are kept indoors.

15. Keep pets out of their crates.  It can really heat up in there!

16. Purchase a cooling dog bed, as well as a cooling dog vest or cooling dog collar.

Always remember that if you’re hot, cats and dogs are even hotter.  Keep them safe and cool this summer!