10 iPad Apps Just For Cats


Cat Playing app on iPad

Looking for a really unique way to spoil your cat? If you have an iPad, you’re halfway there. There are many apps made just for your feline friends, designed to capture their attention, stimulate their senses, and provide lasting amusement. Just take a look at this video that, as of the writing of this post, has 1,547,612 views to see how a cat appreciates a game meant just for him.

iPad Apps Made Just For Cats

Catch the Mouse Cat Game – For $.99 on iTunes, you can get this very simple little cat entertainment game with “real mousie sounds”. See how many times your cat can catch the mouse as a counter keep’s track of your cat’s scores

Cat Piano Jr – This app is free and makes meow sounds when the keys are pressed.

Paint for Cats– For $1.99 on iTunes, you can watch your cat chase the mouse on your iPad and while he’s pouncing on the screen, paint colors and lines appear.  This is a favorite of cats everywhere!

Cat Fishing – Cat Fishing is a free app that will have your cat chasing a fish around on the screen.  Very amusing for humans!

Cat Fishing 2 – Also free, just a new version of Cat Fishing.

Game for Cats – This app is free and is the earliest of the apps made for cats.

Cat Toys Lite – A free, fun, and entertaining app for cats that has them chasing small cat toy images.

Tasty Treasures Hunt – The hunt is on in this free app that will have cats chasing chickens, cheese, turkeys, and cheese.

Friskies Jitter Bug – Cats chase little bugs in this free app, very entertaining!

Party Mix-Up – your cat will have a blast with this free app.  We all know that one treat is never enough.  That’s why when your cat “catches”, more appear.


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