Website Helps Lost Pets Get Back Home


Helping Lost Pets Get Back HomeHelping Lost Pets (HeLP) is not just a website, but a community that helps bring more pets back home.  It’s FREE to join and use, and is map based so you can visually see where a pet was lost or found.  When a pet is listed on the site, email alerts are automatically directed to members in the area.  Their mission is to provide the public, shelters, rescues, and every other pet related business a common, free service to locate missing pets, find adoptable pets, and to find pet related services.

Why is this important?

There are so many different websites, lists and chat groups where the public lists a lost or found pet.  The chances of matching one of these listing are actually diminished because these groups are all ‘separate’.  The missing pet listing slips lower on the radar by the hour.  The ground breaking database at HeLP is map based and resolves this problem.  Each pet is listed on the map in the approximate area they went missing or were found; visible anytime, anywhere.

The more shelters, rescues and individuals who register, the faster the database can be unified meaning EVERYONE will be aware of what is going on ‘all the time’ within their own area.  The chance of animals being found and brought home quickly and safely grows with each new member and organization that joins.

Who is behind HeLP?

Helping Lost Pets has been developed and is operated by Goddard Information Systems Limited (GISL) which is owned by Mr. Robert Goddard.  Rob is also the President and one of the founders of Helping Homeless Pets which is uniting pet rescues across Canada with the knowledge that by working together more pets can be saved.  Over 25 years of software development experience and a passion for animals led Rob to launch Helping Lost Pets in November 2010.  Rob has spent many years helping homeless pets and now is helping lost pets.

Build an Army!

When a pet is lost, it can sometimes take an army of volunteers, to poster and to search to get that pet back home.  HeLP is helping spread the word FAST no matter where the pet has gone missing and get them home.

For More information
Contact: Rob Goddard, President (647 932-7820)