Veterinarians: Fish Oil Essential to Dog Health


Plano, TX – The benefits of maintaining a diet rich in fish oil extends beyond humans, veterinarians say.  Due to the lack of nutrients in dry dog food, no matter how “natural” it claims to be, our pets are at a higher risk of developing certain diseases and disorders.  Dr. Ian Billinghurst, author of Give Your Dog A Bone, says, “The lack of the omega 3’s can be a potent cause of infertility in our breeding stock together with growth problems in young pups and kittens, and most importantly, problems with the development of the nervous system.  This can result in early deterioration of vision and hearing, learning difficulties in puppies and kittens and behavioral problems in our pets that can continue throughout life.”

According to a study conducted by The American Journal of Veterinary Research, supplementing dogs diets with the proper dosage of Omega-3 Fish Oil had a positive, anti-inflammatory effect, as well as other beneficial results.  Research indicates that fish oil can be used in the treatment of arthritis in dogs, mainly due to the Omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation.  Veterinarians say to give as much as 1000mg per day, depending on the size (a smaller amount for smaller dogs, slightly larger amount for very large dogs).  Always check with your vet who knows the history of your dog to ensure the proper dosage.

Allergies are common among our furry friends, and fish oil can be used in conjunction with other remedies to aid in the fight against them.  Dr. Shawn Messonnier of Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, Plano, TX, uses a supplementation of super green foods, enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), and antioxidants for pets with allergies.  “I don’t usually use any one supplement but combine several to help improve the pet’s nutritional health, relieve pain, inflammation, and itching”, he says.

Dogs will stay in better health and live longer with the proper supplementation of fish oil into their diet, research indicates, as well as help to improve cholesterol levels, maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and good mental health.  Even dogs with cancer can expect a longer survival rate by the effects of omega-3 fish oil supplements.


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