Stem Cell Therapy Now More Affordable For Pets

Blue received stem cell therapy for hip dysplasia

Nicholasville, KY – For pet owners who have watched their animals experience lameness and pain there is good news that provides an alternative to surgery or anti-inflammatory medications. Stem cell therapy has been made available to veterinarians in the US and Canada for use on animals suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, ligament and cartilage injuries and similar problems.

MediVet-America released its Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Procedure Kit and equipment enabling veterinarians to provide in-clinic, drug-free therapies for pets in a quick, cost-effective manner. They have worked to create agreements with hundreds of veterinarians and clinics to make these therapies available all over the US and Canada, providing vets with another tool to rejuvenate the quality of life for pets.

The company just launched MediVet Lab Services in Lexington, Kentucky, which provides technical support for in-clinic animal stem cell procedures, regional and national Adipose Stem Cell Processing, Cryogenic Banking Services, Autologous Conditional Serum Processing, and Cell Counting Services for stem cell treatments. They will continue to open additional labs to accommodate training and certifying veterinarians as well as managing quality control and cell counts.

“We experienced a tremendous year of growth in all areas of our business,” said MediVet-America Managing Director Jeremy Delk.  “We’re overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response we’ve received from pet owners and veterinarians around the world, and we’re deeply honored by the pet industry’s acknowledgement of our services. Excitement for the technology continues to grow; we are now seeing stem cell procedures happening every day for the past two months.”

While new in North America, this company has been using the kits successfully in Australia and New Zealand for the last several years, allowing pet owners to feel safe with considering this option for their pets.  Stem cell therapy for pets has been available for several years, however the promise of the latest kits will make it more economical for pet owners.

While most veterinarians like the prospects of stem-cell therapies, expect that these therapies will likely only be offered when the probability of success is very high, or when invasive surgeries are not ideal due to the costs of treatment.