Natural Chews for Dogs; the Perfect Replacement for Man-Made


Bolton Landing, NY – Antler dog chews are fast becoming the choice for dog owners looking for alternatives to man-made products.  There are many advantages to antler dog chews that make them stand out as a superior choice.

Antler dog chews last a long, long time. As dog owners, most know that even the largest rawhide chew can become a pile of rawhide chunks in less than one hour.  Antler dog chews can last for days, weeks or even months depending on the dog and the chewing habits of the dog.

Antler dog chews are all natural.
Man-made chews litter pet shops and store shelves.  What are they made from?  Are they good for dogs?  And why do dog owners give rubber and plastic to dogs to chew on?  Antler dog chews are just that – antler.  Antler chews are often made from deer, moose, elk and caribou antler.

Antler dog chews are clean and odorless. Oily pigs ears, even though dogs may love them, will often stain the surfaces of your house and furniture.  Antler dog chews will not and have no real detectable odor.

Antlers have long been used for animals to chew on and even animals in nature chew on the antlers that have been shed by deer, elk, moose and caribou.  Animals seem to like antlers due to the marrow center.  Antlers also contain many nutrients and vitamins.  Most importantly antlers provide a necessary item for dogs to chew on which can help to reduce stress.

The only problem with antler dog chews is they can be difficult to find and often are quite costly.  So where can dog owners go to purchase quality, affordable antler dog chews?

ADK Antler Products has a great website offering free shipping and has wonderful pricing compared to other websites.  Their quality is top notch.  Their website also has a great amount of educational information about antler dog chews.

So for those that are looking for the perfect replacement to man-made dog chews antler dog chews are a perfect choice. has the largest selection of antler dog chews with the lowest prices.  Once you make your first purchase you are automatically sent a free discount card that is good for life.  Customers can use it over and over; it never expires, never requires a minimum purchase, and customers can share it with their friends.

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