Lucky Enough to Catch Your Pet Doing Something Funny?


Some have pet mice, turtles, rabbits, or cats, others have dogs, ferrets, birds, or lizards.  No matter what kind of pet you’ve chosen, you probably have a mixture of pictures and videos that have captured memorable times.  Were you ever lucky enough to catch your pet doing something totally hilarious, or just downright crazy on film?  Well the owners of these pets were, and they deserve to be seen by pet lovers everywhere!

This collection of photos will have you laughing out loud, so you might not want to scroll down if you are in public!

Even if this was how my dinner was delivered to me in a restaurant I would have laughed!

I promise I’ll be good…can I come out of the bag now?

Has anyone seen a purple flower?

I’m not a very common pet, but I do look cute in this sweater!

I figure if I sleep on your phone and near your keys, you won’t forget to take me with you next time!

Can you please get out of my way, I’m trying to play a game!


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