Heat Detection For Your Dog


Ever wish you could put something on your dog that would tell you when they’ve had enough of the sun for a bit?  Most dogs enjoy being outside as often as possible, especially when the sun is shining.  Whether they are on a walk with you or just basking in the sun in the backyard, the sun’s heat can be just as dangerous to dogs as it is to humans.  There is now a revolutionary line of organic apparel and accessories for dogs designed to help protect them from the dangers of heat and is part of the Planet PETCO line of earth-conscious lifestyle and care products that encourage sustainability.  Introduced for the first time on May 24th, TempAlert is designed to warn pet parents when the external temperatures are reaching levels that may be harmful or even fatal to a dog.

Montreal-based company, LuvGear, has teamed up with PETCO to bring together this line of dog apparel that is not only earth-friendly, but will actually indicate when your dog has reached a certain heat limit.  “The LuvGear TempAlert Technology is adding an entirely new dynamic to pet apparel and products,” LuvGear CEO Neil Miller said.  “As a dog owner, I understand a dog’s body reacts very differently to the heat than a humans body.  In order to make sure pet parents can easily monitor their dog’s health when it’s hot outside, we have developed a simple warning system, built into pet gear that alerts owners of potential dangers.”

The way it works is simple.  There are “alert” icons sewn directly into the dog apparel that will change color when the temperature becomes dangerous for your dog.  Under normal outside conditions, the alert icon will display a dark blue/purple thermometer.  When the outside temperatures reach approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the blue/purple color in the thermometer will disappear, revealing an “ALERT” which warns the owner that the temperature is becoming dangerous to the dog.

The TempAlert system is designed to give dog owners a warning that the animal is at risk for developing heat exhaustion, which can occur at 105 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.  At 107 degrees Fahrenheit, heat stroke can set in, which can be fatal to a dog, especially those of a smaller breed.  The Planet PETCO line with LuvGear Technology will be carried in 800 PETCO stores across the United States, featuring tank tops, dresses, harnesses and paw protectors ranging in size from XX-Small to Large.  Not only is this line of dog apparel meant to prevent the dangers that heat can cause, the clothing and accessories are stylish, affordable, healthy, and non-toxic.


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