Betty White Judges Happy Healthy Cat Campaign Photo Contest

Marshmellow and Noodles

Denver, Co. – After hundreds of adorable, hilarious, and outrageous submissions to the Happy Healthy Cat Campaign Photo Contest, the Morris Animal Foundation sent the best of the best to celebrity and longtime foundation trustee Betty White for final judging. She selected the cute photo of two cuddled cats, Marshmellow and Noodles, snuggled up in a blanket submitted by Brittany Carper of Seguin, Texas. Her photo will be the cover photo of Morris Animal Foundation’s publication, AnimalNews, and she will receive a gift card to Petco and an assortment of pet products from Sergeant’s Pet Care Products.

“Morris Animal Foundation wanted to showcase what wonderful companions cats are,” said White. “This contest was a great way to shine a spotlight on America’s favorite pet. Even though it was hard to choose just one picture, I’m glad I could help celebrate happy, healthy cats with other cat lovers like me.”

The results of the contest can be seen at the Morris Animal Foundation website. The photo contest is part of an effort to celebrate the second anniversary of Morris Animal Foundation’s Happy Healthy Cat Campaign, which is an extraordinary effort to improve diagnostics, preventions and treatments for feline diseases and to help solve overpopulation and behavior issues in cats. With over 93 million cats in the Unites States they have become the official #1 companion animal, however there is growing concern that they are not receiving the health care they deserve. The Morris Foundation also seeks to call attention to the need for more financial resources for feline health research.

“Morris Animal Foundation has funded studies to advance feline health for 60 years, and Betty White, as a trustee and sponsor, has played a vital role in our efforts, so we were pleased to have her judge the contest,” said Paul Raybould, executive vice president for Morris Animal Foundation. “Sergeant’s stepped right up to sponsor our effort. It was great to work with them on this opportunity to celebrate cats.”