10 Interesting and Fun Cat Facts


Cats are the second most popular pet behind dogs and have many interesting qualities that make them the unique pet they are.  Whether you are a cat lover or not, these fun facts and statistics are sure to enlighten and educate anyone interested in learning more about cats and their nature, their quirky ways, or the why’s behind why they can make such great pets.

1. Why do cats purr?
When cats purr, they are creating a consistent vibrational sound frequency of 25-150 Hz, which researchers have found aid in the healing of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles, as well as providing pain relief.  It can also be to show contentment with the situation they are in.

2. Do cats like music?
Most cats do in fact like a little music to brighten their day!  Research has found that they prefer fast beats to slow beats, and deep tones to high-pitched notes.  Many cats have also shown a great interest in music created by a piano; some even enjoy playing themselves!  Check out this cat who clearly loves the sounds she makes when playing the piano!

3. Why do cats suddenly run around the house?
While you may think your cat truly believes something is chasing it, typically the reason they suddenly start running around the house is out of sheer boredom!  This activity is their way of getting a little exercise, even though it may seem like they are crazy!

4. Why do cats eyes glow in the dark?
Although it may appear that a cats eyes are glowing in the dark, they are actually just reflecting ambient light.  Cats have a reflective surface behind their retinas called the tapetum lucidum.  The flash of a camera, car headlights, and any other available light may create the glowing effect.

5. Why do cats LOVE catnip?
Let me preface this reason by saying that catnip is completely safe and non-addictive for cats!  Cats seem to go crazy for catnip because of the main ingredient,nepetalactone, a substance that induces a euphoric, possibly hallucinogenic state.  In adult cats, it mimics a feline sexual pheromone.

6. Why do cats sleep so much?
While it may appear that you have a lazy cat, it is actually completely normal for them to sleep up to 16 hours a day.  Possible explanations as to why they sleep so much is that they are repairing tissue, conserving energy, or even forming memories.

7. Is it true that cats dream like humans?
Yes!  It is true that cats enter REM sleep and dream just as humans do, sometimes even acting out like running in their sleep.  You may even notice a cats whiskers twitching, eyes blinking, ears twitching, or even “talking”!  This cute cat is clearly chasing something!

8. Why do cats typically land on their feet?
Cats by instinct have a feline righting reflex that allows them to right themselves during a fall.  Because cats have highly mobile backbones and floating collar bones (not attached to the shoulder joints), they are able to bend their bodies to help them correct their positioning, even while falling.

9. Is it true that garlic cures tapeworms?
No.  Garlic is ineffective when it comes to the treatment of tapeworms.  If you cat develops tapeworms, immediately consult your veterinarian.

10. Why do cats eat grass?
There is not just one reason why cats eat grass, but rather a few theories that researchers tend to gravitate towards.  The first reason is that grass is a roughage, helping in the digestion of food.  Another reason is that grass actually settles a cats stomach, easing the acids and vomiting.  Grass is also a vitamin supplement, helping to keep a cats system functioning properly.  Overall, eating grass is an instinct that cats are born with.


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