10 Human Foods That are Safe For Dogs


So many dog owners are more than aware of what human foods are dangerous for a dogs health, but what about the ones that are actually safe for them?  With the holidays quickly approaching, the desire to spoil and treat your dog becomes magnified!  Here are 10 human foods that are safe to give to your dog, in moderation of course!  In fact, some of these foods are actually recommended by vets as a more natural way of treating your dog.

1. Cranberries – Not only the berries themselves, but cranberry juice is safe and actually healthy for dogs, as it promotes urinary tract health.

2. Cooked or Fresh Green Vegetables – The green veggies that are healthy for humans are also healthy and safe for dogs.  The next time you are making green beans, broccoli, spinach, or asparagus, let your dog try some and watch as he starts to drool!

3. Canned Pumpkin – Not the canned pumpkin that is ready-made for a pie filling, but natural canned pumpkin.  Canned pumpkin can also be used as a natural remedy for either diarrhea or constipation.

4. Lean Meat – You’ll be happy to know that with Thanksgiving just around the corner, that turkey is one of the safe lean meats for dogs.  In fact the tryptophan will actually help to calm your dog if it becomes a little rambunctious.  Chicken is also a safe lean meat for dogs.

5. Sweet Potatoes – Many humans eat sweet potatoes with marshmallows on the top, but you’ll want to keep those to yourself.  Sweet potatoes are safe for dogs to eat and they are also high in fiber which can actually help to ease an upset stomach.

6. Organ Meats – When baking your turkey this holiday, keep the heart, liver, tongue, and gizzards for your dog.  Not only will love this treat, but these turkey organs are filled with vitamins and minerals.

7. Ginger – In moderation, ginger is a safe way to give your dog an extra special treat.  Whether it’s in the form of gingerbread or gingerbread cookies, ginger is also a natural remedy for an upset stomach.

8. Chicken Soup – The next time you make chicken soup, add mushrooms, beets, green beans, and spinach and put it over your dogs food for a treat they will love!

9. Yogurt – This one may be a little surprising, but yogurt is a healthy human food you can give to your dog.  Stick to small amounts of plain, unflavored yogurt as the beneficial bacteria helps in digestion.

10. Beets – Most dogs will love cooked beets, but remember that moderation is key.  Beets help to clean out the liver.


  1. […] Beets are a nutritional warrior of the root-vegetable realm. They’ve really got it all: beta-carotene, fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B and C, just to start. On top of their laundry list of vitamins and minerals, beets are also well-regarded as being of particular benefit for liver health and are frequently used for cleansing and detoxifying. If your dog has a liver ailment, beets could do him a world of good. Even if your dog is completely healthy, beets still make a tasty and healthy snack. (All Pet News) […]

  2. I was reading your profile and wondered about your dog article. Why dog articles. Youu must really be busy with your other work, Though no matter how busy I am I have time for dogs and other animals. BOB

  3. You should revise your Ginger section. Gingerbread and Ginger snaps can have nutmeg in it which is toxic to dogs

  4. yes i was told mushrooms and nutmeg is not good for dogs but i suppose most things in small and not often will not harm your dog some people take most things to the extreme

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