Vaccinations: Not Just For Humans


Vaccinations are important. They help minimize the spread of diseases by preparing the immune system to fight illness. So naturally, it is just as crucial to get dogs vaccinated.

A rabies vaccination for dogs is an absolute must. Without it, dogs cannot be registered in the owner’s town or city due to a legal requirement. Rabies is usually fatal in animals and pets may have to be euthanized because of it. The disease can also be hard to definitively diagnose until after death.

Besides rabies, there are several other vaccinations that are considered necessary for all dogs. These include canine parvovirus, distemper and, canine hepatitis. Exposure to these diseases is common and they can be transmissible to humans.

The exposure risk of diseases for each dog is different. Depending upon said risk, the vaccinations for Bordetella bronchiseptica, Borrelia burgdorferi and Leptospira bacteria may be necessary. Again, this is all dependent on the dog’s situation.

Taking a visit to the veterinarian is the first step to getting vaccinations. The vet will determine which vaccines a dog needs, as well as how often a dog should get the shots. Some dogs get vaccines once a year, while others can go longer without it.

Because vaccines stimulate the immune system, sometimes there are side effects. Most of these side effects are short lived. Be on the lookout for symptoms like fever, sluggishness, loss of appetite, facial swelling and hives, vomiting, diarrhea, pain and swelling near the injection site, lameness, collapse, difficult breathing, or seizures. Another trip to the vet should be taken if the side effects are noticeably bad.

A trip to the veterinarian for vaccinations can save dogs from deadly diseases and elongate their lives. With a proper vaccine plan, dogs will be happy and safe.

This was a guest post written by Margaret Grace.


  1. Have 2 dogs that need rabies and distemper shots. On very limited budget, social security and cannot afford what my vet charges. Do you know anywhere near The Villages, FL 32162 that may be less expensive to obtain. Thank you.

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