Three New Dog Breeds Recognized by AKC


The American Kennel Club (AKC) already recognizes 170 different dog breeds as worthy of meeting their club standards.  It was announced on Wednesday that the introduction of three new dog breeds brings the total number of breeds recognized by the AKC to 173.  The three new breeds are the American English Coonhound, the Finnish Lapphund, and the Cesky Terrier, which means that you’ll start seeing these types of dogs at the more than 20,000 shows and events that are held around the world.

Becoming a recognized dog breed by the AKC is difficult and sometimes time consuming, as there is a waiting list.  Currently there are more than 65 types of dogs just waiting for their chance to be introduced as American Kennel Club worthy.  So what characteristics and traits do these three dog breeds have that gave them the AKC approval?

American English Coonhound
This breed is distinguishable by its medium length, protective coat and can be found in a variety of colors; red and white ticked, blue and white ticked, tri-colored with ticking, red and white, and white and black.  This breed is known for its speed and endurance, as well as strength, grace and attitude like that of a well-conditioned athlete.  The American English Coonhound is pleasant, alert, confident, and sociable with both humans and dogs, and has an almost kind look about him.  They also make adequate watch dogs as they possess extremely loud hound mouths characterized by melodious, drawn out bawls and short, explosive chops.

Finnish Lapphund
Also known as Lappies, this newly AKC recognized breed of dog are loving and devoted animals who do particularly well with families with children.  Being particularly social dogs, they prefer to be an integral part of the family and do not make good outdoor-only pets.  Lappies are recognizable by their fluffy coat and almost teddy bear like face.  As with many herding and working dogs, they tend to excel in obedience, agility, and other dog sports.  Their lovable nature also makes them great therapy dogs.  You can find Finnish Lapphunds in almost any color: white, black, red, brown, sable and wolf-sable are common, however the most common color combination is black and tan: a predominantly black dog with tan legs and face.

Cesky Terrier
This breed is recognizable primarily by its short legs, bushy beard, mustache, and eyebrows, and a long, silky coat.  When the dog reaches between 2 and 3 years old, the adult coat color will be set and is shades of gray to a dark charcoal to platinum gray.  Sometimes black appears on the head, ears, feet and tail.  This breed is very trainable, intelligent, and easy to handle, as well as being playful, loyal, and good with children.  The Cesky Terrier can grow to between 13-23 pounds and will typically live between 12 and 15 years.

Congratulations to these three dog breeds for becoming recognized by the American Kennel Club!


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