The Pug Dog Breed: Funniest Pug Video Clips


The Pug Dog Breed is one of the most sought after pets, simply due to their cute faces, squat bodies, and fun-loving nature.  They are loving, loyal, and affectionate with their owners, and have been known to cause quite the funny episode when they get in one of their playful, rambunctious moods!  Pugs are also known to get along well with children, as well as the random visitor who happens to enter their territory.

In the hopes of lightening whatever mood you may happen to be in, we’ve compiled these absolutely hilarious videos of pugs doing some of the most rediculous things, from falling asleep in their own unique way to chasing what can only be a figment of its imagination.  We hope you laugh as hard as we did when putting them together for you!

I absolutely do not recommend driving with any pet on your dashboard like this little guy, but he sure did have a good time!

We’ve all been there!  What’s a tired pup supposed to do?

I said Pugs are known to get along well with children and visitors, I never said anything about monkeys!

At least with Pugs you don’t have to buy expensive dog toys!

Pugs give their owners so much joy, mainly because of the laughter they bring to a household.  Whether you have babies or adults living in your home, a Pug is sure to be a perfect addition to any family!