5 Things To Look For In An Indoor Dog Park


dog parkAn indoor dog park is a place where your dog can play and be active during bad weather and during an extreme temperature. It is a controlled environment where the dog owner is present at all times. Obviously dogs can get restless when staying indoors for long periods of time. An indoor dog park can be helpful in this situation. Encourage him to exercise or other possible activities. More importantly be creative in planning your activity.

Before you decide on which dog park you are planning to bring your dog to, you must consider the following:

1. Make sure that the place is spacious with no breakable items. You also need to check if the area is safe. An indoor dog park can be the best place to train your dog with basic commands that you can use daily. These are basic commands such as stop, forward and backward. This session can be interesting and fun for your dog.

2. Check if there are fences. It is important that dog parks should have fences around the area. This will ensure safety for your dogs. If the place is enclosed, you will be sure that your dog won’t go anywhere.

3. Look to see if there is a ready supply of water. Keeping your dog hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your dog. He you are going to encourage him to exercise then you need to make sure there is a good source of water.

4. A good indoor dog park has fun features like ramps and jumps. Don’t just settle for a flat pice of space. Dogs need to be enaged and a quality dog park will have such features.

5. Lastly, and probably most importatnt, cleanliness. You want to make sure that the facility cleans up after dogs consitently. If you find that the park is in poor condition and doesn’t appear to have been cleaned regularly stay away.

There are a lot of resources online you can use to find the best indoor dog park in your local area. Consider using yelp or a basic google search. Or look for resources like Pawnation who regularly publish Top Ten lists. Utilize your resources and find the best indoor dog park for you and your fury friend.

Indoor dog parks provide many benefits for dogs and their owners. There is no substitute for a daily walk; however, if weather does not permit to do so, an indoor dog park is very favourable. Others prefer to bring their dog to an indoor dog park because of safety. They feel more secure taking their dog to an indoor park rather than outdoors. Outdoors is more risky and accidents can happen unexpectedly. As dog owner it is up to you to decide the best place for your dog.