Top 5 Pet Apps


pet apps


Find a lost dog. Teach a dog to stop barking when you are at work. Ease your mind when you bring your pet on a hike. And join a local pet group. Do all of this and more with these amazing pet apps!

Pavlov Dog Monitor App: $4.99, Rated 5.0 Stars

Does your dog bark when the UPS man drops off a package? Don’t know? Download this app to find out, and then teach them better behavior.

A satisfied reviewer says, “This app is such a comfort when I’m out and my dog is home alone. The app is so easy to use and the Facebook notifications a great added feature. My dog responded so well to the videos that even my neighbors commented.” And another says, “I’m loving that I can keep tabs on what my dog is doing while I’m away, and at the same time reinforcing patience and independence in him!”

The Pavlov Dog Monitor uses sensors that hear your dog bark and then respond with your own voice. Tell them to stop barking, be quiet, or relax and sit. It’s your message and your voice. The software also notifies you via Facebook of their activity throughout the day.

Pets Next Door App: Free, Rated 4.2 Stars

A social media app for your pets. Create a profile and upload a photo. Then interact with other local pet owners. Take a picture of your cat as she sunbathes in clean laundry and post it to your feed. Then when you move to a new house you can check out what other pets are near you. This lets you join or form pet groups for your fur kids.

Pet First Aid App: $2.99, Rated 4.5 Stars

Stop freaking out when your pet starts limping while hiking. Download the Pet First Aid app to help in emergency and non emergency situations. The App is endorsed by reviews of retired EMT, vet techs, and pet owners. One reviewer claims, “User friendly, informative, and clearly written. Exactly what I was looking for.”

Videos and step by step illustrations show how to’s on topics like restraint, muzzling, CPR, bandaging, and more. A bonus when you are off the grid, all the information is available offline.

Dog Whistle App: Free, Rated 4.0 Stars

Find a lost dog! That’s exactly what as a user of the Dog Whistle app did. He states, “I used it out of desperation after an hour of looking for my fiancee’s dog one cold night. Heard him whining, stuck in a neighbor’s yard a couple blocks away.”

Pet Names App: Free, Rated 3.5 Stars

If you have trouble picking out a pet name, download one of the many apps dedicated to helping you with that problem. Pet names should be fun, unique, and reflect you and your new dog or cat (or lizards) personality. Names like Spike and Spot are no longer your only options.


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