How to Avoid Rising Vet Bills


vet bills


It is no secret that we are a nation of animal lovers. There are few homes without the loving addition of a dog or a cat. Not only do our pets provide entertainment and company, they also manage to make a house more of a home.

Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive to keep a pet today. Vet’s bills seem to be constantly rising and the price of good quality food is an expense too. But help is at hand! It is possible to reduce your veterinary costs by paying a little attention to your pet’s needs and welfare. The art is in prevention rather than cure and the things you can do are amazingly simple.

 Rule Out Adventures

Let’s think about cats and what they like to do. Well, cats like to climb and are notoriously nosey creatures. You can bet your life that if you leave a window open, they will be out of it in a trice and back in again too, sometimes with a load of their mates. This is all fine and well if you live in a bungalow. A cat living on the forty-ninth floor of a tower block is not going to know that the ground is a distant target and will make that bid for freedom regardless. Sure, have your windows open, but not enough to give puss an exit. Veterinary bills for surgery to injuries caused by falling from heights can be exorbitant, so remember a cat doesn’t always land on its feet and be vigilant.

Cats can be resistant to drinking too and if they’re on a dry mix food they can fall foul of urinary tract problems. Feed them wet food, or mix their dry with some water. Give them lots of toys to play with to avoid stress, as this can give rise to urinary problems too.

Cheaper Medicines and Veterinary Products

Basic worming, and flea and tick treatments can be expensive from a veterinary practice and it is worthwhile having a look on the internet for companies who supply vet medicines. These firms have fewer overheads and can buy in bulk, so their prices are much cheaper. Check that they are registered, to avoid being supplied with illegal products. Your pet’s health is as valuable as your own and you want all their vet medicine to be legal and harm free.

Have you ever thought about brushing your dog’s teeth? Well, you would if you knew how much dental treatment cost. Simply brushing their teeth three times a week will keep all sorts of horrors at bay. Don’t use human toothpaste as it is harmful to dogs and make it a lifestyle habit.

Have your pet spayed. Not only will you avoid having to cope with unwanted young, it will also protect your pet against uterine disease and the high cost of intensive care. Teach you dog to drop on command. They are devils for picking up all manner of unsavoury items and this could include your best pair of shoes! Teaching them to drop the item will save you a fortune.

A few simple alterations to life with your pet can reduce the cost of vet medicine and mean you have a happier, healthier pet and a contented owner.