Food Trucks for Dogs: A New Trend


food trucks

Food trucks have become extremely popular in the last decade. Now, a new trend is on the rise – the food truck for dogs! That’s right, while strolling at the beach or dog park, you may find a doggie food truck offering fresh, natural treats for your pet. Common offerings include homemade dog biscuits, frozen treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt that have been formulated for dogs, which are often lactose intolerant and cannot always digest human ice cream. Most of the treats are organic, all natural food that are handmade rather than purchased through a supplier.

Purina has been sending their Chef Michael truck out with their brand food samples to give out but regular entrepreneurs have taken the dog food truck to a whole new level. In Orlando, you’ll want to find the Sit ‘N Stay Pet Cafe, while New Jersey has the Frosty Pooch and Chicago has Fido To Go. Owners of these businesses are finding that they are extremely popular and not only do they get return customers but they also get catering requests for special events such as a therapy dog retirement party and franchise requests from those interested in bringing the trucks to their area.

Most treats range from $2 – $7. This might seem pricey until you are reminded that the cup of coffee in your hand at the time cost $5. Spending on pets is one of the few areas not hard hit by economic downturns in recent years. The American Pet Products Association noted that Americans spent over $53 billion on pet-related products and services last year and that number is expected to continue to increase. Most pet lovers think nothing of bringing home toys, special treats, and signing their pets up for services like doggy daycare, dog walking, and canine hiking.

It is not surprising in the face of ongoing pet food recalls that owners also want a more personal relationship with their treat providers rather than the faceless companies that keep finding contamination in their food because they went for the cheapest ingredients they could find. What is ironic is that there is a portion of the population so devoted to their pets that they spend lavishly on them, while there is another portion of the population that continues to see animals as disposable commodities that can be abandoned or dropped off at a shelter at the first inconvenience.


  1. there is also a “Middle” group who just can’t afford it ! After my Husband died suddenly i was faced with it 🙁 I love my 2 Rescue Babies and would love to buy them the Best but my Mortgage,Electric etc. Company doesn’t see it the way:(

  2. Another way to fleece animal lovers who have more money than good sense. Unbelievable when so many children in this country go to bed hungry every night. Blinders on much?

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