Alternative Approaches to Dog Walking


dog walking

Most people who get dogs know that dog walking is a given – our dogs love to trot around. It’s healthy for them (and us), keeps them focused, and builds the bond between them and their masters. Also, when started at an early age, dog walking will help expose puppies to new sights, sounds, and people.

But does your dog-walking technique need a little 21st century kick in the rear? Perhaps after learning about these alternative approaches, you might introduce some technology into your dog-walking regiment.

The Dog Pedometer

Did you really think that obesity was just a problem for us humans? While people say owners begin to resemble their dogs over time, studies show the inverse is true: our pets are looking more and more like us. Specifically, if we’re a bit rotund around the midsection, our dogs tend to enjoy the same features. That’s often because our dogs become the recipients of table scraps and extra treats (one for you, two for me). Dog pedometers, including the Wandant pedometer sits directly on your dog’s collar. The data collected from it (including steps per day, movements, and temperature changes) are uploaded to a cloud service, which can easily be accessed through your computer or smart device. This way you can tell whether your dog has taken enough “steps” each day.

The Dog Treadmill

Dog treadmills, like the one made by Pet Zen, is designed to give your dog a workout even when you don’t want to move a muscle. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan has made the idea of treadmill use for dogs an accepted practice, though not, perhaps, for the same reasons that one would get the Pet Zen treadmill. Cesar uses regular (human) treadmills to help balance dogs he’s trying to rehabilitate, while you might get a doggie treadmill to get out of walking your dog. Is it raining outside? Snowing? Some dogs actually prefer to stay dry, while other dogs can’t handle cold weather. The doggie treadmill can ensure your pup gets his daily workout, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Dog Stroller

With the dog treadmill, your pet’s still getting his workout even though you’re not. But with the stroller, the exact opposite is true. You have to put one foot in front of another, but your dog doesn’t have to lift a paw. There is actually good reason to use a dog stroller. If your dog is injured, or getting too old to walk long distances, then using a stroller gives you the ability to go out and about with your pet without issues. But if you’re dog is in perfectly find health, using a stroller will do little more than ensure that your dog will become another statistic in the fight against pet obesity.

Try something new, or stick with the original?

What do you think about your current dog walking regiment? Is it growing old and tired for you or your pet? Do you think your doggie needs something new, like a treadmill or pedometer, or is dog walking one of those “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it” kind of things?