5 Best Pets for Apartment Living


pets for apartmentsHomeowners don’t need to be the only ones with all the fun. Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a pet. And no, we don’t mean an ant farm or goldfish. You could have any one of these 5 pets, all of who would be perfectly happy with your tiny apartment.

While there are plenty of dogs that wouldn’t mind life in an apartment (big dogs and small dogs), and cats are the go-to for apartment dwellers, we decided to give you other alternatives for your pet choices.

  1. Teacup pigs – Call them teacups, miniature, mini, or even micro, these little pigs start out the size of a teacup, then grow up to be the size of a cocker spaniel, or thereabouts. Paris Hilton got one in 2009, and the British power couple David and Victoria Beckham made them all the rage in the UK. Why a pig? They’re cleaner than dogs, they don’t shed, they can be litter trained, and they’re one of the smartest animals on the planet.

  2. Go Sonic – When Sega first came out with Sonic the Hedgehog, hedgehogs became the pet of the decade, but that fad subsided. For some reason, however, the love of the hedgehog is back. Hedgehogs are hypoallergenic, survive fine on various types of pet food (and/or bugs), and can be affectionate, if handled well when young. The only issue is they’re nocturnal, so leave their cage somewhere far from your bedroom.

  3. The other pig – Guinea pigs benefit from their misleading name. They are, by no means, a pig (nor are they from Guinea). What they are is a rodent, which might turn some people off. But you can’t have an easier animal to take care of than the Guinea pig. If trained when young they’ll likely not bite nor scratch, and are known to be fairly timid, thus aren’t likely to bolt out of their cage if given the chance.

  4. Ferrets – On the other end of the personality spectrum is the ferret. Unlike the Guinea pig, ferrets are mischievous and adventurous, which is exactly what many people want out of a pet. Ferrets like to sleep and oftentimes adapt to their owners sleeping schedule.

  5. Bearded dragon – Most lizards are pretty cool, but there’s something simply awesome about the bearded dragon. They like to live a life that most of us dream of – bask in the sun while having their food and drinks delivered to them at their doorstop. They are friendly, don’t mind being picked up, and also enjoy hanging around the house, outside their tank. The biggest issues with any lizard is getting the right tank, heating structure, and getting used to feeding your lizard insects (like crickets). But once you get all that set up, the ongoing maintenance of a bearded dragon can work well for your apartment lifestyle.


Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a special pet. Sure, many dogs, and most cats, do fine in apartments. Fish don’t care where they live. But if you’re looking for a pet outside the norm, these choices could work well for you.