Fly with Fido and Earn 2,000 Air Miles


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Traveling pets now have the opportunity to earn miles for each flight they take. If you’re jet setting pet parent, check out these flight programs that can earn you extra air time.

JetBlue rewards their flight club members with a pet friendly program called JetPaws. With JetBlue JetPaws flyers “earn 300 True Blue points on each flight segment when traveling with your pet.” True Blue members is the flight club through JetBlue. Members earn points for each flight they take to be used towards free flights in the future. Air miles earned by Fido are combined with yours to give pet parents an extra bonus for flying JetBlue. JetBlue strives to be pet friendly and allows pets up to 20 pounds to fly in the cabin and under the seat in an approved carrier. To fly Fido, “there is a non-refundable pet fee of $100 per flight.

Fly with Virgin Atlantic and earn points around the globe with their Flying Paws program. Members of the Virgin Atlantic Flyers Club receive even more bonuses depending on where they travel. Pets flying to Orlando, Miami, Washington, Chicago, Newark, New York, Dubai, Barbados, or Boston earn a bonus of 1,000 flying club miles per flight. (That’s three times what Jet Blue offers.) The large chunk of bonus miles doesn’t stop there; if you are traveling with your pet abroad expect a significant increase in bonus miles. Pets flying to Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Johannesburg, or Hong Kong receive 2,000 flying club miles. Don’t forget to join the flying club at Virgin Atlantic to reap these benefits.

As always when flying with pets there are stipulations. Virgin Atlantic does not accept “snub or pug nose breeds like Pekingese or Persians, or any dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act.” Pets flying internationally need health certificates and permits depending on the destination. The cost for flying large pets is higher and depends of the size of the travel carrier. The airline provides quotes when a flight is booked. However, the amazing bonus to flying Virgin is the heated and air-conditioned cargo hold for pets.

Flying with pets just got a whole lot more beneficial with the added bonus miles per flight. Check your favorite travel service for details and make sure you take advantage of these amazing offers. As always, a visit to the veterinarian prior to making any travel plans is a good idea when flying.