Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Six Retriever Breeds Recognized by the AKC

The American Kennel Club has the distinguished honor of determining which dogs breeds are officially recognized, naming six in the retriever category.  To the...

Unique Holiday Gifts for Dogs and Cats

Want to make sure your cat or dog doesn't feel left out Christmas morning? Don't worry, All Pet News has you covered with some...

Fur Can Actually Help Pets Cope With the Heat

It sounds counterintuitive but fur can actually help cats and dogs maintain their body temperature in heat of the summer. "Fur actually insulates the...

Selena Gomez has Changed the Life of Puppy in Need

Selena Gomez continues to do her part to help change the lives of animals in need.  While Gomez and also famous boyfriend, Justin Beiber,...

Certain Dog Breeds Banned From Flying In Airplanes

Many pet owners have relied on airlines that allow dogs to fly, but not all pets have made it to their destination alive.  This is...

Best Dog Breeds to Use for Service and Therapy

There are many qualities that people look for when choosing a dog to become useful as a service dog or a therapy dog.  Some...
nyc bodega cats

NYC Bodega Cats Become Neighborhood Staple

In the heart of New York City’s bodega jungle, a predator is lurking. Many stores are becoming homes to bodega cats. These cats keep...
contenter for best in show

Check Out The Finalists For Westminster’s Best In Show

Swagger, a 20 month old Old English Sheepdog, is one of the contenders for the 137th Westminster Kennel Club dog show’s Best in Show...
be a dog trainer

Looking for a Career Change? Be a Dog Trainer

It doesn’t take thousands of dollars or a 4-year education to become a dog trainer; however, it’s also not as simple as waving a...
Homemade Cat Treats Using Catnip

2 Easy Homemade Cat Treat Recipes Using Catnip

Making homemade cat treats is a great way to ensure you know exactly how nutritious they are, since store bought treats can contain all...