Tuesday, December 5, 2023

How to Train Loud Pets

By talking to your pets and giving them the attention they crave, they'll be a lot more likely to talk back to you, barking...

5 Ways to Challenge Your Dog’s Mind

Anyone who is a parent knows that a tired kid is a well-behaved kid. The same goes for dogs. Dogs who are mentally and...
dog surfing

Dog Surfing: Here’s How

There’s no limit to the kinds of fun you can have with your dog. When the days heat up, and summer is full on,...
dog psychology

Dog Psychology: Is It Real?

Dog psychology is a relatively new field that has many supporters and just as many who feel it is a fraud. The American Psychological...

Dogs and Their Ability to Smell and Detect Cancer

A dog’s sense of smell is one of its coolest features. Its nose can pinpoint bombs, drugs, and, in some cases, the moment a...
dog training

Dog Training: Common Terms

When you get a new dog the array of services of dog training options available to you can be a bit overwhelming. There are...

Pudsey, Britain’s Beloved Dancing Dog

Pudsey was just getting started when he and owner Ashleigh Butler, 17, won 2012`s Britain`s Got Talent show. Their audition for Britain’s Got Talent...

Diabetic Boy in Need of Alert Dog

Seven-year-old Nicholas Keim of Sacramento was born with Down syndrome and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was just 18 months old. Because...
dog show

Mixed Breeds to Compete in Westminster Dog Show, Finally

For two centuries purebred dogs have been pampered, worshipped and revered within the confines of the aristocratic Westminster Dog Show, the most prestigious show...

Breed Basics: Chihuahuas

The tiny Chihuahua is perhaps best known as the Taco Bell dog although this does the breed a bit of a disservice. Unfortunately, far...